Friday, September 21, 2018

Presenting the Gender Bending the Rules Blogathon

Give Quiggy and me any chance, we'll take it. Leave us any rule, we'll break—er, bend— it...Welcome to the Gender Bending the Rules Blogathon, hosted by The Midnite Drive-In and yours truly.

Hopefully this array of films will help our readers and fellow movie lovers feel free to express both the masculine and feminine aspects of their natures, no matter what gender or sexual orientation they identify with. Creativity is all about freedom, fluidity and flexibility, after all, is it not?

Many thanks to those who have contributed and to all our readers. And if you have a blog post that fits our theme, feel free send us the link so you can participate as well.

May the cross-dressing, gender bending and sexual confusion begin...


Great Old Movies brings us the great Alistair Sim as a regal (if not comely) grande dame in The Belles of St. Trinians.

Nope, it's not the movie you think...Caftan Woman introduces us to the comic gem First A Girl starring the versatile Jessie Matthews.

Papa, can you hear Movie Rob's insightful essay on Barbra Streisand's Magnum Opus Yentl?

William Hurt reveals the vulnerable beauty of his feminine side in Kiss of the Spider Woman, through the eyes of The Midnite Drive-In.

Which one of these 1980s dudes isn't one? Find out in the exposé on Just One of the Guys at Angelman's Place.


Movie Rob discusses the nuances of Glenn Close’s Academy Award-worthy performance in the title role of Albert Nobbs.

Nurse Charles, are you insane? Realweegiemidget Reviews salutes the ensemble cast of the classic cross-dressing comedy Tootsie.

The Midnite Drive-In’s enthusiastic celebration of comedy classic The Birdcage is anything but a drag.

Time-travel with Angelman’s Place to mid-1970s San Francisco, home of the beloved transsexual protagonist of Tales of the City.


Wide Screen World encourages us to brush up our Shakespeare and behold Dame Joan Plowright as an iconic gender deceiver in Twelfth Night.

The cigar and tux look familiar (see Day 1 of our blogroll above), but Julie Andrews gives a one-of-a-kind performance in Blake Edwards’ Victor/Victoria, seen through the eyes of MovieRob.

Crítica Retrô introduces us to the little-known Ernst Lubitsch silent I Don’t Want To Be a Man starring Ossie Oswalda.

Top 10 Film Lists extolls the virtues of identity fluidity in Billy Wilder’s frenetic farce extraordinaire Some Like It Hot.


  1. Hi, things been a bit hectic here (filled in the details with you via email) so was wondering if I could submit my previously post on Tootsie, that hasn't been used for a blogathon. Havent had the time up to and including time this weekend to watch and review. from Gill at Realweegiemidget Reviews

  2. Of course! Absolutely...will do!

  3. Hey there, here's the link for Tootsie, thanks again xx JUst updating it with your blogathon details!

  4. Alistair Sim -- "regal (but not comely)." I love it!

  5. Hi Chris, love you to join in my latest blogathon... not the same without you

  6. Love to, Miss Gill, can I reserve Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

  7. Here it is my piece:

  8. Yayy, thank you, Lê! I've posted it!

  9. Hi there Chris, hope all good with you Love you 2 join me + emmakwall in our Jeff Goldblum blogathon