Monday, August 20, 2018

The Lovely Lee Grant Blogathon Is On!

Last dance, last chance for Lee! Join us in celebrating this great lady of the silver screen, Oscar-winning actress and director Lee Grant, August 20–23, 2018. Read about Miss Grant's greatest performances in film and television and applaud her 60+ year as one of our most treasured actors and filmmakers. I'm delighted to cohost the event with the beautiful and amazing Gill of ReelWeegieMidget Reviews.

The complete blogroll is below—thanks to all for participating!


The Oak Drive-In unearths a quirky psychological thriller with a feminist bent—Lee Grant and Carol Kane as strange sisters in The Mafu Cage

Crítica Retrô climbs Mount Everest to experience Lee’s performance in Jacqueline Susann’s Valley of the Dolls 

A Shroud of Thoughts expounds on Lee Grant’s film debut and star-making role in Detective Story

Moon in Gemini illuminates Grant’s memorable turn as a tough prosecutor in Albert Brooks’s metaphysical fable Defending Your Life

Great Old Movies applauds Lee’s effortless ability to transcend the made-for-TV movie genre in The Spell

Great Old Movies is nonplussed at the strangeness of The Mafu Cage, one of the weirdest films in the Lee Grant canon

In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood brings to life Divorce American Style, featuring Lee Grant and an impressive star-studded cast


Le Cinema Dreams highlights Lee Grant’s valiant attempt to breathe life into the flawed film version of Portnoy’s Complaint

Poppity Talks covers lovely Lee’s brief pas de deux with heartthrob Ryan O’Neal in The Big Bounce

Movie Rob sings the praises of Lee Grant’s Oscar-winning turn opposite playboy Warren Beatty in Shampoo

No Nonsense with Nuwan Sen celebrates Lee’s Oscar-nominated performance as a shoplifter, recreating her acclaimed stage role in Detective Story

Movie Rob presents the seriocomic gem Divorce American Style in which Grant costars with a star-studded ensemble cast

Stabford Deathrage remarks on Lee Grant’s ability to upstage the entire star-studded cast of Airport ’77 (including hubby Sir Christopher Lee) with just a few withering glances

Micro-Brewed Reviews discovered a vintage made-for-TV film called Night Slaves starring Lee Grant and James Franciscus


Silver Screen Suppers whips up a mouthwatering treat based on Grant’s delicious appearance on Columbo: "Ransom for a Dead Man"

Sports Analogies Hidden in Classic Movies proclaims another home run for Lee Grant in the all-star disaster epic Airport ’77

Movie Rob has a few complaints of his own about Lee and company in Portnoy’s Complaint

What the Craggus Saw was the groundbreaking drama In the Heat of the Night featuring Lee Grant in a small but unforgettable role


Silver Screenings reveals Lee Grant as a hilariously neurotic mother of the bride opposite Walter Matthau in Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite

Caftan Woman presents Ms. Grant as a high-powered Hollywood columnist in an episode of Ironside: “Eat, Drink and Be Buried”


Deepak Yadav said...

I love to watch classic celebrities pictures and watch online movies and TV shows. Images are awesome. Thanks for the post.

angelman66 said...

Thank you for stopping by, Deepak!

William said...

My Lee Grant posts are up: The Spell and Mafu Cage (watched this one and figured I might as well review the darn thing). Thanks for including me. I've enjoyed reading the other entries.

angelman66 said...

Yayy, thanks Bill, I have posted and alerted Gill as well! Thanks a million for participating!

William said...

My Pleasure! This was fun! Thanks to you and to Gill!

Crystal Kalyana said...

Hey Chris. Here is my entry for the blogathon. I'm really sorry for being late.

angelman66 said...

Hi Crystal, will add!!


With this blogathon I'm realizing I need to pay more attention to Lee Grant's movies! THank you and Gill for opening my eyes! It was a very good event.

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Tnx for hosting this Chris. What's ur email address? I wanted to send you something.

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