Saturday, July 15, 2006

THE PIVEN-ATOR: Do any other gay men find Jeremy Piven as hot as I do? Is it that cocky swagger, the sardonic wit, the Napoleonic air of power that he demonstrates as Ari Gold on Entourage? Maybe, but for me it's his hot, fit little monkey-body - though he's very short, he has an incredibly sexy chest and a very round, smooth ass which he shows off to perfection in the indie flick Very Bad Things. Check it out and let me know what you think....
I also think he's a terrific actor and have a soft spot for him because he's from Evanston, Illinois, where I attended Northwestern University,and because he was fellow Chicagoan John Cusack's best friend and roommate for many years.


Anonymous said...

Hey Angelman you need to contact me @ LRNOURSE@YAHOO.COM


JASON said...

Yeah Jeremy Piven is HOT....his series touring India on Discovery HD
was fascinating and mesmerizing!