Thursday, July 13, 2006

Make Me Beautiful

Who needs Botox injections and plastic surgery to look youthful? There's an easier and cheaper way to go. Try the Hollywood secret - Wrinkies and Frownies, band-aid-like tapes that pull the skin behind the ears and the hairline, giving your skin a taut and therefore more youthful appearance. They've been around for years - rumor has it that Lucy used 'em in Mame (along with Vaseline over the camera lens) and Rosalind Russell wore them under her wimple in The Trouble with Angels. Bette Davis reportedly hid hers under her bangs in the 60s and 70s.
Hey, look at what they did for Kennedy matriarch Rose Kennedy, who retained her rosy girlish glow to the age of 105. If Mrs. Kennedy used them, you know they have to be affordable. This was a woman who pinched every penny her husband made. She'd only paint the front of her Hyannis Port and Palm Beach houses in order to save money, leaving the rest of the building in peeling disrepair.

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